SUSCEPTIBLE: "All the World's a Stage and all the players may... Die"

"Something horrible and utterly unexpected had happened… Jeff was shot and almost certainly dying… but none of it made any sense. Kathryn was already moving toward her fallen lover when Billy’s fist slammed into her abdomen. Catlike, Billy grabbed her arm and dragged her through trampled weeds to the edge of the little clearing. She groaned with each savage yank."

Too many years of too many shows at too many places have taken Dan Stark and his travelling theatre troupe to an isolated club north of Houston, Texas.

While performing there, they cross paths with an evil as easily susceptible to the wiles of beautiful women as is Dan. The resulting conflict entails a frantic battle for survival between forces of evil, the performers, and the supernatural.

SUSCEPTIBLE is the third in the "Actor's Road" trilogy by Don Shook - a suspence thriller you won't want to put down. And, don't let the ending fool you into thinking that the terror is over - Don allows your subconsicous to keep it going for years...

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 Once I started reading I couldn't put it down - extremely suspenseful! You are a master at deceiving the reader into thinking they know what comes next.

GREAT! Can't wait for the 3rd installment.

“ I've only read two of your novels and would have to say your writing is on the caliber of those on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your books and poetry, although I'm not sure if you can top this one.

I love the fact that you offer you books in many different forms.

I like to read using my iPhone when I go to the gym - it makes passing the time more palatable. Although I will admit, I probably worked out longer due to the novel and its gripping hypnosis and twisting storyline - forgot I was at the gym!

Can't wait to read the last in the trilogy - the first two were exceptional!