The first poetry book by Texas Senior Poet Laureate, J. D. (Don) Shook is a literal potpourri of “universal observations”. Witty, funny, and insightful, this book is a delightful reading experience for young and old alike. ”Sheep got teeth. They’s on the bottom…on the top, they ain’t got ‘em.”

Also Available in a CD with Readings by J. Don Shook - Twenty-five selections from the book SHEEP GOT TEETH set to original music by Geno Galantay and beautifully read by the author himself. Ideal for those wanting to listen to witty, compelling poetry in an original setting as you drive or simply want to close your eyes, sit back and listen.
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I literally could not put it down until I finished…incredibly suspenseful happenings with a bombshell ending…very vivid action-packed tale…gritty scenes and language not really meant for young readers.

Rev Marc Smith – 
United Churches of Christ

“ Very entertaining and well-written. I think it’s a fine novel that should find a large readership.

Mike Baldwin – 
North Texas Library Association

“ The eBook options are great. I have a Kindle, our daughter uses a Nook, and my husband just uses his Andriod cellphone. Thanks for a such a wonderful "on-the-edge" story that kept me tunring the pages almost  faster than I could finish reading each one!

Barbara W – 
Garland, TX

“ I especially liked the ending - it totally caught me by surpriese - WOW - I wasn't expecting THAT!

Keep creating more - I can't wait to get your next one!

Terry P –
Richardson, TX