The Best of Sheep is a collection of the "Sheep" series poetry selections by award-winning author and 2009 Senior Poet Laurette of Texas, Don Shook. The poems depict universal subjects ranging from human cellular structure to the far reaches of outter space, while examining practically everything inbetween. 

Charged with drama, humor, philosophical observations and biting wit, in this book Shook brings the usual and the abstract into the realm of stark reality. Never overblown or boring, "The Best of Sheep" promises to keep the reader both educated and entertained. 

Tears, smiles and outright laughter are all part of Shook's unique style - classical and abstract - the author dares to defile the pompous and unlift the downtrodden in this journey of fun and thought-provoking insight. It's a place where few humans trod but where "Sheep" find the grazing exciting and fulfilling.

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I literally could not put it down until I finished…incredibly suspenseful happenings with a bombshell ending…very vivid action-packed tale…gritty scenes and language not really meant for young readers.

Rev Marc Smith – 
United Churches of Christ

“ Very entertaining and well-written. I think it’s a fine novel that should find a large readership.

Mike Baldwin – 

North Texas Library Association

“ The eBook options are great. I have a Kindle, our daughter uses a Nook, and my husband just uses his Andriod cellphone. Thanks for a such a wonderful "on-the-edge" story that kept me tunring the pages almost  faster than I could finish reading each one!

Barbara W – 
Garland, TX

“ I especially liked the ending - it totally caught me by surpriese - WOW - I wasn't expecting THAT!

Keep creating more - I can't wait to see your next one!

Terry P –
Richardson, TX