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Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

 Where the Audience
 plays detective!

 A Great Meal and
An Outstanding Mystery!

Your members deserve a great show,
and they help solve the mystery!


"The audience was in stitches… I highly recommend Don Shook Entertainment if you’re hosting a corporate event or a private party.”

      ... Heritage Ranch Golf
              and Country Club

"The actors were spectacular" and
"let's do this again!" 

... Brookhaven Country Club

“Not only did I thoroughly enjoy this production, our members have given me
a rave response!

      ...Oakmont Country Club

Don's Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre features professional actors who will blend into the crowd of party guests so that your guests do not know who is a plant and who isn't. Together they try to solve the mystery. Each Murder Mystery Dinner theme is designed to bring a different elements of surprise to your guests - just when they think they know "who done it?", another twist is added to heighten the suspense, perfect for company parties or corporate events.

Each of the following is the synopsis describing a different theme you can have performed for your guest for an evening they mysteriously won't ever forget:

“Murder In The Clubhouse"

There’s a mystery at the club. Someone’s about to lose their membership …or their life. Strange things are going on. The Club President may have to curtail his high jinks with the sexy new Golf Pro who’s puttering around with the Bartender. And what’s the Head Waitress serving? Is murder on the menu? And the Club Manager simply adores the new Activities Director, a lady who’s scheduled a big event that just may include MURDER!

“Play Murder”

When the curtain goes up, the bodies start to fall! And when the script calls for a death scene, it seems so real - because IT IS! 

You are invited to audition for a new play. You will rub elbows with glamorous celebrities, and work with a famous Hollywood Director. That is, if he lives through the night. This is a murder mystery comedy guaranteed to keep you on the edge… of your seat!

“Murder By Proxy”

You’re invited to a shareholders’ meeting where the agenda is Dinner, Drinks and Murder. Will your stocks rise… or is someone plotting a hostile takeover? And will E.Z. Layman, Linda Hand and Diane Tomarry ever work for Oshay Googles again? Come participate in this latest laugh-invested venturefrom Don Shook… a murder mystery guaranteed to pay fun-filled dividends and raise YOUR stock!

“Candidate For Murder”

It’s the new Mayor’s victory party! Everyone’s going to be there… his happy business partner, his tipsy wife, his miserable body guard, and even his bitter defeated opponent. 

There’s even a surprise from his Movie Star mistress who’ll keep the party going ‘til the lights go out! 

Join us and see who’ll be the next Candidate For Murder!

“Murder For Members Only”

Join us for the club manager’s birthday party, but don’t eat the cake, because one of the guests' membership is about to expire! Could it be the golf pro who swings too much, the chef’s assistant who drinks too much, or the waitress Margarita, who doesn’t drink at all? You’ll have to solve this one because the membership chairperson’s playing tennis, but still can’t find love, and even Howie the club accountant can’t figure it out.

These and several others are available for the asking. For more information about having Don and the *Actors' Company perform a Murder Mystery Dinner performance for your company, association, organization, country club, or private party, please contact
Don Shook HERE!

* The Actors’ Company is now
   Don Shook Produc