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by Don Shook

Don's Musical Theatre
span from New York to the Midwest to the Big Thicket area of Texas.

With an excerpt from Don's award winning, "A Thorn in the Thicket" recently performed at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens, you'll get a feel for the battles of early Texas.

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musical that had everyone talking. 

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  A Thorn in the Thicket, is an historical-themed musical written by Don Shook, with original music and arrangements by Don and Geno Galantay and touted by ASCAP as "one of the best new musicals to come along in a while".

The storyline is based on the true events which engaged Statesman Samuel "Sam" Houston, trying to recruit ranchers and "country folk" in the Big Thicket area of East Texas to help in the support of the war between Texas and Mexico, which we all know ended in a Mexican defeat during the Battle of San Jacinto.

by Don Shook

Don's Screenplays
are as diverse as is Don. Each explores the many different facets of life from the "everyday normal" turned extraordinare to the "against all odds" underdog succeeding beyond belief, to the macabre with twists and turns, to the mysterious that no person or science can explain.

Here are excerpts from just a few of Don's prolific works. 

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  During a routine autopsy procedure at a medical school lab, beautiful student Kim Johnson is shocked to see that the cadaver on the table is her ex-boyfriend. Determined to discover how such a bizarre incident has occurred, and ignored by the police, she enlists the help of a number of her fellow med-students. In short order, the hapless group finds themselves immersed in a world of drugs, corruption, and murder...  


   This story traces the adventures of Jamie Aaronson, race-car driver, American athlete, politician, and civil-rights advocate as he battles corrupt corporate business and government takeover of individual endeavors. Based on the play “Shakespeare 2000”, directed by Don Shook at Scott Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas, it is an expose’ of America’s dark side that powerful men exhibit in disregarding the U.S. Constitution... 


   Based on the hit novel of the same name, the screenplay takes us on a perilous journey with impresario, Dan Stark and his Showtime Acting Company, to an isolated club north of Houston, Texas where they cross paths with an evil as easily susceptible to the wiles of beautiful women as is Dan. The resulting conflict entails a frantic battle for survival between forces of evil, the performers, and supernatural force intent on intervening...


   During the blazing Texas summer of '55, two teenage boys set out to catch a fish they call the monster of Ten Mile Creek, only to discover another kind of monster awaits them instead. In the impenetrable woods lurks an evil they cannot comprehend-but will somehow have to deal with if they expect to survive; all this is compounded when they are forced to attempt the rescue of a beautiful, but not-so-innocent, classmate, climaxing at the legendary Bluehole...


   Harrison Hayes, a scientific adventurer, while on trek in the Pacific studying the Komodo Dragon, is summoned to an urgent meeting at CDC Headquarters in Atlanta where ex-colleague, Dr. Nolita Blumberg enlists his help in a national emergency relating to biological warfare and a new virulent strain of “ghost virus” rapidly spreading across the country. He is enlisted to find the source and the objective... 

by Don Shook

From Texas to New York Don Shook has been wowing audiences on stage for over 40 years. His Stageplays have also received great aclaim.

Here is a description of one of Don's most successful, Women and Other Strange Creatures

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A playful, but revealing, look at the multiple and multi-layered side of women done in a series of playlets and musical numbers. 

Seven different settings, ranging from a theatre agency audition room to an abstract nebulous somewhere between Heaven and Hell, are the venues for the sometimes humorous, sometimes serious conflicts arising out of feminine gender relationships. Everything from farce to tragedy is included in this romp through Don Shook’s perspective on the female creature.