The Actors' Workshop with Don Shook

CAUTION! This workshop is not for the faint
of heart: 
Community Theatre and Student-Film Actors need not apply. 

Don Shook, noted producer, director, writer, actor, and casting expert promises one thing - students in The Actors’ Workshop will become better performers through the principles of imagination, controlled release of inhibitions, and common sense. 

Students work on techniques for developing individual talents without trying to “sacrifice the personality in lieu of the method.” With individual attention applied to individual abilities, the student and teacher attempt to discover and emphasize what works and diminish what doesn’t. 

Monologues, scene study, voice and articulation, character development, improvisation and audition techniques are incorporated to help make each student the best performer they can be. Mondays, 7pm-9pm, $20 per class for the 8-week session, or $25 per on an individual class basis

Click or Call: 817-680-1883 to enroll.